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HTML:Script-inf Removal

Risk Level: HTML:Script-inf Risk And Removal Level
HTML:Script-inf is a harmful worm virus that replicates itself through local and network machines. The worm may change security settings in IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers and drop nasty payloads onto your system. After infecting the computer HTML:Script-inf attach itself to legal files, install malicious program codes and prevent users from accessing Windows registry. HTML:Script-inf may significantly degrade your computer performance and stability.
Clean and protect your computer from all kinds of malware threats. Scan and remove HTML:Script-inf worm virus and all its related files, clones and aliases.
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Possible warning signs of threats on your computer

  • Computer and browser slowdowns
  • Altered browser startpage, searchpage and errorpage
  • Collected surfing history
  • Strange running processes in the task list

HTML:Script-inf associated threats and aliases

Associated threats: N/A  
Aliases: N/A  

HTML:Script-inf processes and files

Processes: N/A  
Files: about.asp, faq.asp, news.asp, subscribe.asp, article.asp, index.asp  
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