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Yahoo Hijack Virus Removal

Risk Level: Yahoo Hijack Virus Risk And Removal Level
The Yahoo Hijack Virus is a nasty browser hijacker virus that injects Windows hosts file and re-routes Bing, Google, Yahoo and MSN Yahoo search queries to unwanted corrupt websites. Yahoo Hijack Virus may also infect system files and prevent users from accessing security related web pages. Yahoo Hijack Virus may infect the computer while visiting corrupt adult related web sites or through chat or instant messaging programs. Yahoo Hijack Virus may gather your surfing information such as passwords, usernames and forward the data to third parties.
Clean and protect your PC from all varieties of spyware, adware and malware threats. Scan and remove Yahoo Hijack Virus search hijacker and all its related files, clones and aliases.
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Possible signs of threats on your computer

  • Error messages and Windows crashes
  • Inactivated firewall and antispyware utilities
  • Other malware components downloaded to the PC
  • Banking data transmitted to outside hacker servers
  • Unknown system tray icons
  • Unusual processes appears in the system process list

Yahoo Hijack Virus associated threats and aliases

Associated threats: searching4all.com, adailypoll.com, google-redirect.com, windowsclick.com, offer-provider.com, healthvideo.com, mobilepetcages.com, whattoseek.net, internetsitefind.info, itcg.18685.asklots.com  
Aliases: N/A  

Yahoo Hijack Virus processes and files

Processes: N/A  
Files: N/A, N/A  
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